The Pillow

My new flat did not come with any sheets, towels or blankets. I also have no pillows.  Now, you would think this is an easy task. 


I walked all over Mostar and the only pillow I could find was 34, KM.  1 KM is about .72.  

Luckily, I have been in Sarajevo for a few days for an orientation.  Today, I found a pillow in the Konsum, which is a grocery store, for 8 KM.  A victory.

In Mostar, the one department store was destroyed in the war. It had an unusual facade of panels with bas relief surrealist figures.  The shell of the building remains, but if you want department store types goods, you have to go to one of the larger grocery stores.  Consequently, a towel runs 12- 16Km, sheets 24Km and up and so on. 

There are plenty of clothing stores, sporting good stores, and of course, shoe stores but no one central department store.  

BiH has very little industry; a majority of the jobs are found in the public sector.  So, most goods are imported. The exception, and an important one, is produce. There is amazing organic produce everywhere.  You have not eaten a tomato until you have eaten one in BiH. Produce is seasonal, fresh and inexpensive.  Coffee, too, is cheap. 

I am looking forward to using my pillow once  I am back in Mostar. 


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