Paolo, my neighbor


This cat turned up the other day, with a large white cat that seems to be a bully.  I ws surprised that he jumped up on my windowsill, and looked in the house.  I had no cat food or food for cats!  he tried some cheese, but no go.

I went to the shop and bought a can called…Friend!  Miles away from the healthy food I give my cats at home but better than the dumpster diving he does. ( In Mostar, people throw garbage in public dumpster, or in the mountains, by the side of the road. By the time, the stray cats, dogs, and Sadly, humans get through  gleaning, there is litter everywhere. This is a common problem in BiH: litter! )

The bully turned up as this cat, who I have named Paolo, was eating. There was a standoff. Much hissing and crying.  I had to chase off Bully, and sit next to Paolo while he ate.  Plate was licked clean.

He now has shown up every day at the same time, jumps on the window sill. he looks interested in coming inside but I am not sure I can tame him. With 3 feet in the wild, these feral cats have reverted. He does let me pet him, and he gave me a head bump. Not sure how old he is. Cats here are small with long legs, and skinny.  Yesterday, we saw one hopping around with 3 legs, but he looked plump.

Paolo has his name from an older man in a shop who walked up to my American husband, who is visiting me, and clasped his arm, excited to see his old friend Paolo!  needless to say, my husband was confused but the man just smiled at his error and said, it is okay!




One thought on “Paolo, my neighbor

  1. Amy,

    What a great story-I hope you are well. Sounds like a great experience-can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back to NVCC.

    Thom M,

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