Oct 15 2014 in Mostar

Today is Tuesday Oct 15. It is also Eid. 

I live on the eastern side of the city, and it is quiet today. All the corner shops are shut. My landlord and his son went to the Mosque early.  No one is out but a few men.  Few cars.  The day has begun as a gentle, overcast and foggy day. On my run in the mountains, I heard someone playing classical music.

Today is Tuesday Oct 15. 

It is the first day that I am teach class at the University of Mostar, which is on the western or Croat side. Today I will hold lecures in American culture: the positive virtues of the American Western landscapes, and the oppositional gangster figures in media.

Today is Tuesday Oct 15. 

In Lithuanian, the BiH soccer team will play an important match, that might lead them to the World Cup in 2014.


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