Food, part 1

The food. 

Plentiful and fairly inexpensive. The produce is local, which means it is limited in variety, but full of flavor. Tomatoes, potatoes, onions, red and green peppers. cabbage.  the smallest green and sour apples that quench one's thirst. Oranges by the bagful as you drive south.

Lettuce, or salat, can be found at times, and sometimes chard.  Sometimes garlic can be found, often large, and sometimes too old to use.

On nearly every corner is bakery selling small pastries or breads or filled pastries.  These range from very sweet apple filled pastries to slices of pizza to bread in rounds, loaves and such.

The cheese is also outstanding.  From soft cheese to a sort of clotted cream, kamjak, it is possible have a meal for only a few marks.

No corn sugar anywhere, so even cookies and sweets aren't too sweet.



I haven't yet tried my oven, but I bought phyllo sheets to make some sirnca. I suppose it would be easier to buy it in the shop but homemade is always best.


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