Public Obits

One unusual thing about BiH are the public obituaries, which are posted on obituary posts ( which are near mosques on this side of the river) or in prominent places. these notices are simple A4 typing paper with green frame (for the Muslims) or black ( for the Catholics and the Orthodox church members) around the edge, and text in the middle. The religion is noted by the symbol at the top. The photo of the deceased is placed below, with the usual dates and places and names listed in the narrative ( or the best I can understand with my limited local language). One I saw yesterday was for a man who was 99 years old; and there was one for a former professor, which was posted on the doors of the Philosophy Faculty, where I teach.

Many people stop to read these.  I need to ask someone about the history and meaning of these public notices.  Nothing here comes without a symbolic or political meaning. I am very curious about these.

It seems intrusive to take a photo of these, just as it does to take photos of the war ruins.  It seems like a touristy sort of action, a mindless action,  an action of someone who sees this culture as other and exotic. But as a record, perhaps it is okay.




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