A tour of Sarajevo in late October

Took another journey to Sarajevo to visit the Apple store….A beautiful warm sunny day, with the the low sun burning hot.  After I get off the bus, and walk down the street, my step lightens.  I am reminded in a way of Tallinn in ’95.  The same energy.  A city on the verge of renewal. Or perhaps, 6 weeks in Mostar makes me more keenly aware of city energy.  The rush of traffic.  The clicking of women’s high heel shoes.  The compact city streets.  The smog over the hills hiding the yellowing trees. 



In the park nearby, there was  a beautiful golden tree. 


I walked over to the Old Town, where you can find tourists aplenty and the ever present Coca-Cola signage.


After visits to various bookstores, and other shops, I wandered back to the Bus station passing the men playing chess, and found this statue of Meša Selimović ( look him up!).  After I took a photo, a few other tourists decided it must be an important stature, and also took photos. 


Then I wandered back to the bus station, passing old apartment buildings, surrounded by ruins.



And then some renovated buildings:



Finally hidden in a corner near the railroad station, just before the bus station, I found a sign welcoming visitors to the 1984 Olympics.  Nearby were groups of Roma, camped out in the green spaces. 



Then back on the crowded bus to Mostar. 





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