misc thoughts on clothes and tourists

1. Skinny jeans.  Skinny jeans with carefully placed rips.  Skinny jeans in white, in black, in pale washed out blue.

Convese sneakers.  Keds sneakers. or Boots.

Loose t-shirts. Loose sweaters.

Every young girl wears this uniform.

You long to see new silhouettes. 

2. When I first visited BiH in 2009, I went shopping, of course, in the touristy shops in Sarajevo. I recall seeing many beautiful religious icons made into jewelry. The usual Crosses, Crescent Moon, Hand of Fatima/Miriam or Hamsa, and even Star of David. One I recall linked the 3 major symbols together. I should have bought it because last week, when I went to Sarajevo to look, I couldn’t find it. I looked in vain in Mostar.

3. There is a MacDonald’s here in Mostar ( and one in Sarajevo) that looks unlike any MacDonald’s I have seen. Okay, there are plastic trays and burgers and fries, but there is also an espresso machine and a bakery case ( which features American doughnuts and muffins!) You can sit for a hour or two on comfortable chairs, eating fries and drinking an espresso in a china cup.

In case you think only the foreign tourist goes, think again.

4. No matter what angle I try, this cathedral ends up looking like a Motel.

5. Autumn here is perfect. The sun is low, but it shines. The foliage is a crisp golden yellow. The scent of fallen leaves can be sensed. The roses still bloom, and the palm trees are green.

After a rain, the wind comes through, leaving a chill in the air.

Then it is warm again. Or so, it has been this fall.


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