dogs of zenica

One of the saddest things I witnessed was a stray street dog in Zenica, who was wandering near the bus station. Someone had thrown a fish on the street. The dog sniffed at it, and then very happily picked it up and went off. He squeezed through a fence, kept skipping away with this raw fish in his mouth.  I wondered if he would share it. 

There were so many dogs in the parks and streets. Many had been tagged, which means someone cares to get them fixed and checked. But I did see a small dead dog lying in the park, covered with flies. It was hard to see so many beautiful dogs, abandoned and running wild. Here, in Mostar, we have mostly cats, who are less threatening in size and demeanor.

The dogs run in packs, and at night, I woke up several times from dog fights. So, it is not that they are all gentle sweet souls. But a life on the street makes any dog a survivor first!



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