kiosks & betting shops

Everywhere, on every corner are two shops: the kiosk and the betting shop. The kiosk is a freestanding building, either an octagonal building or a rectangular box, both made of metal. The kiosk is where you can buy a soda, a newspaper, a girlie magazine, a novel, cd, dvd,  phone credits, cigarettes, candy, and so on. The cashier’s window is small, overwhelmed by the stacks of newspapers and magazines and other items crowding the window. The cashier enters from a door in the back of the free standing shop.  My favorite kiosk is not a kiosk but a used item shop at the end of the footpath across the river.



This kiosk is a small octagonal structure, with old books crowding the shelf outside the window, and a neighboring table with shoes and other items.  I have never seen anyone look at the merchandise or buy any.  At first glance, it seems like a discard itself like the abandoned ruin across the way.



This footpath starts near the Saudi cultural center and crosses the river, weaving its way through the streets.  It is primarily pedestrian, except for the motorbikes and vespas that motor up and down.  Below, you can often see men fishing in the river. 



the homey Kiosk is one common sight; the other is the betting shop.  These seem to be on every street, small brightly signed shops with a television set running footage from a sporting event, several tall tables and bar stools, where men and women sit scanning betting sheets, drinking coffee and placing bets. Screens with odds are visible from just a peek.  These sports shops are as busy as the many cafes. And so are the discarded betting slips, found even at the Cathedral. Image




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