entering Mostar

Split: clean, no litter, no ruins, blue sea, expensive coffee.

Mostar: litter, ruins the minute you reach the southern city limit, green river, inexpensive coffee.

The tension here that I feel can be attributed to the extensive number of war ruins throughout the city.  Although most seem to be located on the eastern side, there are some remains on the other side.  Still, to see these broken bombed buildings everywhere is discouraging. While some say that they remain as memorials, they seem less memorials than reminders of tension and anger that are still present. One article I read claims that abut 80% of the young people on the western side have never visited the Old Bridge, which is the most beautiful bridge. Why not? Fear. 

Returning to Mostar after a short trip to Croatian coast really made me see how architecture can affect one’s psyche. 


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