running: Split v. Mostar

 In Split, I ran each morning on the most incredible running path.  A short run to the mountain park through a pedestrian backstreet lead me to a empty gravel path parallel to the sea.  A short steep climb and I could see the sea and the islands.  Even in the rain, it was spectacular.  Even better was that I did this run without people stopping to stare at me.

In Mostar, I run up a small road, but one with traffic and no sidewalks. This is a quite steep run up a hill, punctuated with frequent stops between  parked cars. If anyone is out, they stop and stare. A few times, I hear comments but I have no idea what they are saying. perhaps, curious why I am running. yet, up in the hills, I have encountered a few other runners.  And nearby, there is a track at the soccer fields at Bosnian university. A well maintained asphalt track where runners can be spotted. There are tennis courts there, as well.  
track at general

It has taken me weeks to feel comfortable to go for my run. I could go to one of the few gyms here and run on a treadmill.  But I would miss the fresh air, and the view.  Right now, in the far distance, as I head up the hill, I can see snowcapped mountains.  And after all, as a friend remarked, it is good to show an example of someone doing something healthy. 




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