cafe observations

One thing I like about Mostar is the small town feeling. 

Walking with Snookums to the vet this early morning was a refreshing change from my usual walk in the midday. Different energy and different people.  Today is an exceptionally beautiful day. The Bora wind whisked in last night and today, I could see the city. Yesterday, it was hidden under a thick , opaque layer of wood smoke.  The blue sky and low winter light on the grey soviet buildings really remind me of Tallinn.  Street sweepers are out with a  rush brooms to clean the sidewalks. School children were walking and eating breakfast, sandwiches and burek from a bakery. I see waiters bring trays or cups of coffee to shop keepers, a sight I never see in the states. Our idea of takeaway is a tall cup from Starbucks, slurped up in the car.


And I noticed large posters of stray dogs posted on the walls around the city. These seemed to have popped up overnight in response, I am guessing, to the law on euthanasia just passed in BiH. this law allows for stray dogs ( and cats?) who are not claimed in 15 days to be euthanized. There are so many stray dogs here, for so many reasons. Many people stared at me as I walking with the cat through the city, but two women stopped and cooed at the Snookums. Animals are vulnerable. How one treats the vulnerable is a sign of maturity. So, while many people think of animals as a nuisance, I also saw, outside a cafe, a pile of cat food for a stray cat.


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