An observation from my husband who visited in late November: ” I remember the bullet holes all over the place. .. Yet look what we saw going to split….it’s all like a dream….it’s incredible. I’ve sat in gigantic buildings with a spoonful of coffee….It’s like the Roman/Ottoman empire never smoothed out the ruffles….”

This sums up my conversation with my students yesterday. 

I asked about their version of a safety net.  They told me that there is no help for mothers, or poor people. And if you don’t have a job, then you have to count on a soup kitchen for one meal a day or your parents for a place to live.

They didn’t think there was any chance for change except…

that the country divide up and Herzegovina join Croatia, and the RS join Serbia. I asked what happens to the Bosniaks. They shrugged. 

” Most of Herzegovina is Croatian.” 

I asked if they thought the EU or America would agree to this. But they shrugged again, and said that there will certainly be a war. ( i have heard this from other students as well.)

They are convinced, these 20- 24 year old young women.  They are resigned. They see the politicians around them accepting bribes.  They don’t see any future. I hear this over and over.


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