Christmas in Mostar

On the Croat side of the river, they celebrate Christmas.  So, yesterday I went to find the Christmas village, a small tented area behind a building. No signs directing the passerby to the tent. Inside the tent, there were several stalls, with people selling homemade goods, books, and food.  There was also a table for animal rights, with pamphlets and simple drawings for students to color.  It was a bit disappointing, but I am guessing there are more events in the center of the tent. However, at the end of this straw strewn area was a pen with a donkey, a sheep and lamb, and two goats.  Several small children were looking at these animals, so content eating straw and fruit.  The  children were so bundled up  that they looked round.

Here, there isn’t the same sort of holiday frenzy, which is pleasant.  The shops have decorations and some play holiday music. You can buy Christmas decorations, and even in a shop on the Bosniak side, I see a few decorations, and an advertising board of Santa drinking Coca-Cola. Or my favorite, seen today, of Father Christmas next to the bombed out department store.

Otherwise, a sunny few late December days in Mostar, with its rugged hills and palm trees. 


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