only in BiH

As usual, I went for run into mountains behind the old city.  The air was clean, but I encountered 3 stray angry dogs. There was an older man there, and he stopped, picked up some rocks. he was, I guess, trying to protect me.   Luckily, the dogs relaxed.
Then a few minutes later, I ran into ( almost literally) a flock of sheep. They were on the hill, and across the road. I walked through them so they wouldn’t get spooked. An old woman in long print skirt was herding them. I wish i had my camera. They were beautiful, small, with full coats. There were probably 40-50 of  them, grazing on the rocky hill, eating tree branches and the few bits of green grass.
This was followed by the usual darting away from speeding cars, cars driving backward, and cars making sudden turns.

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