Running in Belgrade

Tricky to run here. I am a bit too far from the famous running /sports area on the Ada Ciganlija.  So, yesterday, in the windy chill, I went for a run in the nearby park. And encountered boys who threw a snowball, but  it fell short. A few stares from mothers waiting with children who were busy sledding in the park. It was cold.  And an older man who said …something. And sidewalks of ice and snow.

Some may question running in such a chill, on very little sleep, but running is relaxing, and provide a point of view and experience of new places unlike any other. Running makes one very aware. What might be called mindfulness is the state you achieve. You are on intimate acquaintance with the irregularities of the pavement, cars, and pedestrians, who frequently here force you onto the road. You fight wind and rain.  You sweat in the sun. Then you turn around to fight wind again.

So far, for running routes that I have experienced here in the West Balkans, I would rate Split the best with its views of the sea, and its dedicated well kept running path, and of course, Mostar, which is no runner’s paradise but the mountains provide the best work out. I am sure that the route on Ada Ciganlija is tremendous but too far from my hotel to make it worthwhile.

Update: found the cycling track but the strong wind chill forced me back. In the summer, it must be amazingly beautiful in the summer.


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