Protests in Mostar

A good inside view. Thanks for posting.

Christina at UWC Mostar

After reading about the protests this morning (friday 07.02.2014), which had taken place in Tuzla yesterday I didn’t expect much to happen in Mostar. However, we got a notice that protesters would gather on Spanish square at 16:00 to demonstrate against the current government, poverty, horrific future prospective and an unemployment rate of around 45 %.
While I was still in school writing my last trial exam in french, one could hear the protest going on on Spanish square. After I finished I went on the street and together with other UWCers we followed the crowd who went to a Ministry building which was the first building in Mostar to be set on fire. We watched people violently damaging the windows and doors in order to get access into the building. After they managed to do so, some hooligans started throwing furniture, papers and other belongings out of the window…

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