4 snapshots of daily life

1. Walking home from the shop, I see a Roma mother clutching her two babies, while he rtow older child sit on the side of the street.  The oldest girl, with a startlingly beautiful black hair, pushed her sibling onto the muddy ground.

2. Walking home from the latest set of protests, I passed another Roma mother holding her hand out and in her other hand, holding her child. A local character was singing songs, and people were drinking coffee and other were placing bets in a betting shop.

3. Today, we have one of those incredible rains that pour nonstop.  The roads are full of water, and when a car passes too quickly, the unlucky pedestrian gets covered with a shower of cold water. The latest unlucky pedestrian was me, on my way home from a run on the flooded track.

4.In the road by my house, two way traffic shares a road wide enough for one car. Usually, people accomplish the dance quite efficiently. But today, two lines of cars faced each other for a while, and then the honking started. And the backing up. Pedestrians hug the wall as the cars try to pass one another.


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