Living among the ruins

Living, as I do,  among the war ruins, I can’t help but wonder what the future will bring to this country, but as a foreigner, I am more comfortable as an observer. As a trained artist, I just observe and record what I find provoking, perplexing, and beautiful. As a historian, I read a lot about the past and present of this country. As a teacher of media, I read every single article from all sides to understand how the questions and responses are being framed.  Perhaps, when I return to the states, my experience will gel into a cohesive narrative. But living in the debris of war ruins, in a contested city, I cannot help but wonder how I will see my home neighborhood, which is economically depressed in a vibrant and rich area of the country. What lessons from my experience can I successful transmit to my students and colleagues?  is it possible to relay the emotion experienced here to others who live in relative affluence and security?




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