last errands

Last errand that we tried to accomplish was the change BAM ( or KM) or Konvertible Mark back to dollars.  I had more KM than I expected due to refund of security deposit on my apt. ( My landlord was an exceptional man, and my regret was not having enough language to talk to him.)  we went to three plsces with no luck.  One was a currency exchange in the mall but the clerk claimed to have no dollars. Them because it was after 5:00 pm, we went to two post offices. ( In this country, the post  office is where you conduct such business, including paying bills.) No luck.  I had, of course, easily changed dollars to KM at these same banks.

I just cannot understand why there are signs saying they buy and sell dollars but all they do is buy. Perhaps, it was late in the day?

Of course, I am also now accustomed to such delays, complications, and odd events, but my husband was totally baffled. It does take time to get used to the ways business is conducted here. I just laughed.One needs a sense of humor, patience, and a back-up plan at all times.

Of course, now we wonder if we will encounter difficulties with our ( new) cat, but we do have papers, passport and chip. But one never knows. One can become nervous and anxious, or learn to let come what may…


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