Croatia is not Bosnia

Since my return, I have encountered many people who tell me they have been to the Bosnia region, but this generally means they have been to either the coastal area of Croatia or to Belgrade.  Those who visited the former Yugoslavia when it was Yugoslavia generally skirted around BiH.  So, how does one explain that BiH is a different place altogether , in reality and in imagination? Geography, food, language aside, BiH is a unique place in the Balkans that deserves more exposure.

Another group of people know of BiH from the the Bosnian War, but few remember its role in WWI. Fewer still are concerned with BiH’s status since the Dayton Peace Accord.

A number of people have no idea where it is, or its geographical significance. Or its incredible diversity of nature, culture, and so on, which in 6 months, I barely touched.

Perhaps if the BiH football team does well in the world cup, a few more  Americans might see the country in a new light.


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