flooding in Bosnia and Serbia, part 2

Today, in my local paper, The Washington Post, I found a story about floods on page 16.  A small story buried in the middle of the page.

1/3 of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been affected.  One third. 

In a country that is the size of West Virginia, this is a significant number.

is it because no one really knows where this place is?  Or is it just one of many disasters that pop up, and disappear? Or if there is no real connection or resource needed, the country is neglected?

One also wonders what happens after the waters recede.  From what I read, there is potential for buried landmines to emerge, and float away. Amidst the heartwarming photos of people saving dogs, and dogs saving cats, there is also the dirty debris under all that water.

And the children.  I also read that many of the schools will close. Already in many parts, schools are overcrowded and the school day is really a half day.

Having lived in this country, when I see those beautiful town squares flooded, and the newly constructed houses under water, I am moved to tears.  But I also wonder what will happen when the damage is cleaned up.


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