Misc.& Unfinished voices

chef holds

         a miniature

         orange tree

                             down the stairs

Drop one or

         two oranges at a time

stop broken granite rocks

Smooth drops o’ water

         slip down stones

Toast the waiter says

rye bread w/butter slabs

no says the chef

         pain a la orange

.25 of butter/softnd

2 cups

         measured in a large glass measuring cup

he has one w/o measuring ticks

oz sugr

1tsp orange peel

         in a bowl, chipped white porcelain

picks up the oldst whisk peak slow peaks and bit-bit dump

         sugar orange and vanilla

 folds whole wheat Bread

 cut from wheat bread torn from out of a plastic bag he trims off the crust

Instead o’ butter

uses frostin’


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