Nevada, once called Alice

Once upon a time in a state near a lake- the girl woke up,

             shaking remnants of dream from her mind- In the dream, she saw

                        her mother (a fair red haired woman with cascades of curls, sitting at dressing table, combing her hair), –

Or was that what she imagined? –

the girl, who might be named Alice, but decided to be called Nevada,

            preferring to be aligned with white capped mountains- despite never having ventured further than a hour hike in the woods,

she preferred

            the linen of a fresh hotel room soaps wrapped in paper & at least three fresh towels a day on the rack,

that nite she had dreamed of her mother, who she confused with that image

            from the Photoplay magazine she had found

            in a thrift store one day last March.


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