Limitless possibility: Flint, MI

Flint Michigan could be the blueprint for a post climate change future. A city that is barely held together. The outcome of the collapse of capitalism- when the industry pulls out it destroys the town and spirals outward. The whole history of colonization from trading post to lumber mills to the horse carriage industry to the auto industry to ruin.

What if you took some billionaires’ funds. Tear down all the abandoned houses and schools. Rehab what houses you can. Built decent dense housing, with groceries and other needs in a walk able environment. Given everyone who wants one an electric bike. Redesign Roads to give preference to walking, biking, and bus. Build communities around community gardens, creative spaces. And gave every City of Flint resident a guaranteed income, and free college to Mott or UM, Flint.

What kind of wild creativity and small self sustaining society could be created. Limitless possibility awaits someone with the money to make the impossible probable.


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