Landscape Acupuncture: Flint MI

Imagine a empty lot:

balanced between a refurbished hotel, and a drug rehab, just a few blocks from a homeless ministry whose bakery punctuates the air with fresh sugar doughnuts. Leveled this lot was a clutter of abandoned garages used by squatters. Day after day, pieces disappeared behind a new fence. Discarded mattresses, broken fencing, don’t enter signs littered the lot. Next door, a half developed apartment house with layers of old paint, a prime surface for a mural.

In landscape acupuncture, careful selection of site allows for a revitalized stream of energy to the city. A crackling, steady hum that sends energy waves further and further, rippling into a steady hum.

In a city beset with environmental issues, with health disparities, and food insecurity, a community garden would be the acupuncture needle that generates health and ease. Imagine the growth beneath the wrecking ball. A ideal spot for infusion of health, green, with spots of edible flowers.


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