Urban Forest

Flint is an ideal city to imagine a post climate change, or ever evolving climate change world. 

Imagine a way forward by creating a model of a post climate change in a post capitalist economy.

Return  Flint to its origins; return Flint to a forest. Return the Flint rRver to its origins: a river that carried water and trade,

Start by reinvesting in the people. Create a Work Progress Administration to rebuild the broken infrastructure; roads, sidewalks, houses, schools.  Paid people a UBI so they could find time to dream, rebuild, rethink.

Take the proposed city plan and upend it. Rethink city plan that eliminates cars- a radical idea for a city founded on cars but look where that brought Flint.

After tearing down all the blight, replace with grass expanse?  Or an urban forest. 

Re-imagine the food desert into urban agriculture.

What about a city where you can bike and walk and take public transportation easily to stores, to school, to recreation, to work, which supports the community. Self-sufficient. 

An urban forest within communities of well designed houses, cooperatives, apartments, small urban farms, community gardens within neighborhoods, schools placed within walkable reach of residents, within a natural landscape that is itself a classroom, with access to free transportation that doesn’t put stress on climate. 

Start first with the land. Reseed and rebuild the original forest demolished for industry and workers.



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